Hillsborough CTA Directors are elected by groups that are numbered one (1) through ten (10) with even and odd groups elected in rotating cycles. Groups 1through 7 are designated for teacher candidates and are elected by teachers only; groups 8 through 10 are designated for ESP candidates and are elected by ESP members only.

HCTA Executive Board:

President: Rob Kriete
Secretary-Treasurer: Valerie Chuchman 
District 1: Wendy Carey, Instructional
District 2: Hiedi Glick, Instructional
District 3: Tony Smigh, Instructional
District 4: Kathy Hockman, Instructional
District 5: Kelvin Wright, Instructional
District 6: Emily Lee, Instructional
District 7: Gail Jones, Instructional
District 8: vacant, ESP
District 9:  Regina Gambrell, ESP
District 10: vacant, ESP
FEA Governance Board – Seat 1: Rob Kriete (President)
FEA Governance Board – Seat 2: Travis Medling
FEA Governance Board – Seat 3: Sabrina Gates-McCarthy
FEA Governance Board – Seat 4: Linda Perdue

HCTA Staff:

Executive Director:  Brittni Wegmann
Financial Administrator/Office Manager: Tamica Thomas Simpson
Member Advocate Rachelle Frierson Brown 
Member Advocate:  Vincent Jones
Member Advocate: Pam Jufko
Member Advocate: David Peacock
Member Organizer: Megan Young
Member Organizer: Tara Gonzalez
Member Organizer: Erin Morgan
Member Organizer: Chris Rusnak
Member Rights Specialist: Xiomara Martinez

Bargaining/Research Associate: Sherry Gunn
Member Processing: Lisa Lopez
Building Superintendent: Danny Gonzalez
Administrative Assistant: Diana Yagual

CTech-Ed Staff:

Director: Sabrina Gates-McCarthy
Program Assistant: Jennifer Anderson

You may click on any of the names highlighted in blue to send an email to that person. If you have a question and are not sure who to contact, please reach out to Member Rights Specialist Xiomara Martinez who will connect you with a member advocate.