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Hillsborough CTA sends out some email updates that cannot be sent via district email. In order to receive these updates, member must opt-in to have emails sent to a personal email address. Members may also opt-in to receive occasional text messages.

We do not share your personal information and require that you provide you Lawson ID as a unique identifier that allows us to verify that you are a member of Hillsborough CTA.

To Opt-in, simply fill out and submit the form below. Please note that if you submit your district email address as opposed to a personal email address, we will disregard the request. Please make sure that you also white-list this email address in your email program: This will help ensure that our emails are delivered to your Inbox instead of going to a spam folder.

If you encounter any issues, such as the form not displaying correctly, please send an email to with “Email Opt In” in the subject line. Please provide your first and last name, Lawson number and personal email address in the body of the email and we will manually add you to the email list. Due to changes with Internet Explorer, the form may not display correctly or it may ask you to log in to a Google account in order to view it. The opt in form has no issues in Firefox or Chrome.