Responsibilities & Authority of the Board

The school board is responsible for the organization and control of the district’s public schools and is empowered to determine the policies necessary for the effective operation and the general improvement of the school system. The school board is a public corporate entity and can take action only when the board is meeting in official public session and a quorum is present. An individual member of the school board has authority to take official action only when sitting as a member of the school board in public session except when the school board specifically authorizes the member to act. The school board is not bound in any way by any action on the part of an individual board member or an employee except when such statement or action is in compliance with the public action of the school board.

Raymond O. Shelton School Administration Center  (ROSSAC)
901 East Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33602 USA

School Board Contact Numbers
Phone: (813) 272-4045 and the
Fax: (813) 272-4022.

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Nadia Combs (District 1)  CHAIR Schools Represented
Stacy Hahn  (District 2)   Schools Represented
Jessica Vaughn(District 3)  Schools Represented
Patti Rendon (District 4)  Schools Represented
Henry “Shake” Washington (District 5)  Schools Represented
Karen Perez (District 6)  District Wide Seat
Lynn Gray (District 7)  District Wide Seat

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