President & Board Election Results

ESP Performance Evaluation Workshop
February 12, 2018
2018 Vice President Election, NEA and AFT Convention Delegates
February 28, 2018

President & Board Election Results

On behalf of Norma Goff, HCTA Election Committee Chair

Voting ended on Wednesday for the  2018 HCTA Officer and Board Elections. The committee reviewed the voting data that evening, contacted the candidates who were not present and certified the results. All four races on the ballot  were determined by a majority vote and the results are as follows:


Rob Kriete was elected with 51% of the votes cast in that race (841 votes).
Valerie Chuchman received 44% of the votes (738 votes).  Felecia Johnson received 5% of the votes (82 votes).

Teacher Director, Seat 2

Hiedi Glick was elected with 68% of the votes cast in that race (974 votes).
Naze Sahebzamani received 32% of the votes (453 votes).

Teacher Director, Seat 6

Chris Rusnak was elected with 55% of the votes cast in that race (781 votes).
Sandra Slayton received 29% of the votes (417 votes).
Jessica White received 16% of the (231 votes).

FEA Director, Seat 3

Dr. Linda Hill Perdue was elected with 50.4 % of the votes cast in that race (791 votes).
Noelle Rodriguez received 49.6% of the votes (778 votes).

Please keep in mind that the voter counts in each race may be different because all members vote for President and FEA, but only Teacher members vote in Teacher seat 2 and 6.  Additionally, voters are not required to vote in all races.  Overall, the voter turnout was about 18% of our eligible voters.  While this is fairly consistent with elections in the local (and sadly in politics generally), we would like to see turnout increase in the future.

New officers and board members will be installed in June 2018 and officially start their terms July 1, 2018.  They will all serve a three year term.

 Members will soon receive information about qualifying for Vice President, which by constitution will be open to ESPs only.  Additionally, members will receive information on qualifying for the NEA Rep Assembly and the AFT Convention, which will be this summer. 


Thank you to all of the candidates for being actively involved in our organization and for being willing to give even more of their time to help ensure that their colleagues voices are heard.