2022-2023 Bargaining Information

HCTA Salary Proposal  6/6/2022

2021 – 2022 Instructional Unit Salary Agreement

Instructional Unit Proposed Salary Agreement 2021-2022

Instructional Unit Proposed Salary Agreement 2021-2022 FAQ

Teacher Salary Schedule E-P Additional Payment Estimate


2022-2023 MOUs

ERS (Educational Reimbursement Supplement) Discontinuation



2023-2024 MOUs

2023-2024 Transformation Network MOU

ERS Discontinuation MOU

2021 Work To Contract Information

Work to Contract Fact Sheet
Work to Contract Tools You Can Use

Current Instructional Contract (2019-2022)

Educator Evaluation Handbook


Current ESP Contract (2018-2021)


Instructional Unit Proposed Salary Agreement 2020-2021

Instructional Unit Proposed Salary Agreement 2020-2021

2022 MOUs

*UPDATES of of 3/10/2022

Millage Agreement 2022


Paras/Asst Teachers as Sub

Teacher as Sub

Transfer Timeline for Recruitment and Hiring

Hillsborough Virtual School Modified Instructional Evaluation Procedures

2021 MOUs

*UPDATES* as of 3/1/2022

Teacher As Sub

Paras/Asst Teachers As Sub



Assistant Teacher Para as Sub Pay

COVID MOU – Class Coverage (9/2021)

COVID MOU (2/2021)

COVID MOU (8/2021)

2020-2021 Value-Added Measures (VAM) MOU for Instructional Employee Evaluation

ROSSAC Parking

2020 MOUs

COVID MOU (8/2020)
COVID-19 and Related Circumstances
Attachment A – Evaluation Review

Instructional Contract 2019-2022 (Archived/Red Line)

Instructional Contract 2019-2022

 *Ratification Documents 2019*

Listed below are all pertinent documents to the 2019 contract ratification process.


Instructional Ratification Documents:

Instructional Contract 2019-2022
Memorandum of Understanding – Transfer timeline for Recruitment & Hiring
Memorandum of Understanding – Social Workers & School Counselors Employee Work Calendar
Memorandum of Understanding – 2019-2020 Early Release & Emergency Closure
Teacher Evaluation Handbook – (appended to the contract)
Observing Domain 1 (not a voting document – informational only).
Instructional Economic Proposal

Revised Instructional Pay Scales:

Schedule A – old 10 month scale with degree differential
Schedule B – old 12 month scale with degree differential
Schedule E – new 10 month scale with tenure
Schedule G – new 12 month scale with tenure
Schedule P – new 10 month scale without tenure
Schedule Q – new 12 month scale without tenure
HealthPro Schedule

ESP Ratification Documents:

ESP Economic Proposal
ESP Revised Pay Schedule

Pre 2019 Ratification MOUs and Contracts:


Memorandum of Understanding – Early Release Mondays

Memorandum of Understanding – Hiring & Recruitment: 2019

Memorandums of Understanding – Achievement Schools: 2019-2022

Proposed Salary Agreement 2017-2019
Teachers and Education Support Professionals

2016-2019 Instructional contracts:

2015-2018 ESP contracts:

HCTA ESP Contract 2015-2018

HCTA Constitution and By-Laws


2018 Work To Contract Information